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About IP, Kwan & Co., Solicitors & Notaries

We are a law firm of Hong Kong solicitors specializing in cross-border matters involving the Greater China Region with intensive experience in devising and implementing resolutions against international and interregional complex legal problems.

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We are committed to formulating practical legal service plans for customers in cross-border legal relations in a complex environment, according to the needs of customers, comprehensively considering the legal systems of different regions. We represent Hong Kong courts at all levels and major overseas arbitration centers,


Hong Kong’s company law, contract law, and commercial transaction law, including the signing of company contracts, company control rights, corporate governance, minority shareholder protection, equity transfers, mergers and acquisitions, liquidation and cancellation, are very different from other parts of.

Family wealth inheritance and

Our team of lawyers and specially invited consultants comprehensively use international identity planning, gifts, pre-marital/marital property agreements, testamentary inheritance, life insurance, overseas trusts and other legal and financial tools to tailor wealth inheritance and marital property protection plans and legal services for clients.

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    We can provide corporate governance, helping clients manage the responsibilities of running a corporation in financial field.

    Law Firm is a Hong Kong law firm specializing in cross-border legal affairs in the Greater China region.


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